WebTaker.com: New SEO Tool to locate low quality pages

Last year I accidently found a new query in Google which seem to return URLs on a domain that Google regards as low quality, something which is very useful. I built this tool in may 2012 that returns the data. After further research it is now fairly certain what this Google query (and tool) does. It returns the supplemental index pages of a domain. So use this tool to find duplicate content issues and other indexing problems. By fixing this you maybe will rank the whole domain better.

Sorry but Google has now detected this and have disabled it ...

Domain name to check:

Possible solutions

Questions and answers

Who made this?
     Jim Westergren of TodaysWeb.com / N.nu

How do I get this data?
     Sorry but I don't want to tell you because most likely Google will turn if off as it has done many times in the past with similar "loopholes".

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Except for web tracking done by Google Analytics and Statcounter - no other data is collected. I DO NOT log the input of the tool and do not log the results returned.